Meet VARIEGATED: the Completely Customizable Hospitality Textile Collection

posted: May 2nd, 2016

Hospitality Textile

VARIEGATED by ZAVI: Hospitality Textile Collection Explores Unique Customization Options for Clients and Designers

The highly anticipated VARIEGATED collection was conceived through a collaboration between gifted textile artist James Deskevich and Alison Goldman of ZAVI Textiles. This stunning hospitality textile collection is comprised of premium wall hangings and pillows, each boasting a modernized take on patchworking and geometric designs. With the ability to complement and enrich any hotel décor, VARIEGATED by ZAVI Textiles is distinctive due to its completely customizable, handmade to order options.


Let’s take a closer look into the unique style and customization capabilities of the collection through an eye opening interview with its creators:

Can you share how this fruitful partnership originally formed?

James: Alison and I worked together at a former company and through the course of our employment we became very good friends. When she took over ZAVI, she started sharing all of these incredible things she hoped to do with the company and inquired about a collaboration. I knew immediately I wanted to be a part of it. And so, we began the collection using the ZAVI textiles with the goals of bringing it into the hospitality market.

Hospitality Textile

The VARIEGATED collection truly has the ability to complement any hospitality design project. Would you share more about its style and design capabilities?

James: ZAVI sells amazing fabrics, so working with a wide variety of these I created the design for the collection which is really a nod to quilting and patchwork, but in a more tailored aesthetic. My desire was for the collection to have the ability to be tailored to any environment that ultimately becomes its home. Alison and I began sifting through fabrics and clip swatches and I started a patchworking type process with these very geometric patterns. The collection involves taking solids, cutting them up and combining them into different patterns without looking hectic or confusing.

Alison: When we first started imagining this collection, we knew we wanted it to be completely set apart from what is already available to hospitality clients. In the design world, no one wants cookie cutter anymore; clients desire designs and environments that people are able to discuss and appreciate. And with that, we decided on providing completely custom designs where no other client would have anything just like it.

We can shrink the pattern down to create more of a woven texture, even sheers are possible, benches, throws, and none of it will have that mass produced appearance. Our goal was to engage the designers and buyers in bigger conversations to make the property more distinctive.

James: At the end of the day, we can customize this entire collection to the desires of the client, whether that is by changing the pattern around, switching out the colorways, taking the patterns and weaving them down into chair fabrics, or taking our sheer and drapery line and custom sewing panels together that would look incredible in a large space. What is really exciting with this collection is that the possibilities are endless.

rkg photo-160114_141810

What type of spaces do you see the VARIEGATED collection adorning?

Alison: Anything and everything from guestrooms, meeting spaces, ballrooms, entryways…anywhere really. And, we can make all of this work for someone’s budget as well.

James: I’d like to add that stylistically, the collection is not so contemporary that it would only work for modern properties – it would also work well for more traditional spaces.

VARIEGATED is such an exciting hospitality textile collection because it offers ZAVI customers complete customization, resulting in a unique design experience for their guests. ZAVI loves to collaborate with its clients and this collection allows them to work with them and create truly one-of-a-kind textiles that will complement their space’s design aesthetic.

Hospitality Textile

Visit ZAVI’s website to browse the selection from the VARIEGATED hospitality textile collaboration and get a feel for the ways in which it can be customized. To explore the ways in which ZAVI can create customized VARIEGATED textiles to complement your space, visit or contact us by calling 1-844-488-9284 or emailing to learn more. Whether you are completing a resort, casino or restaurant installation, our versatile VARIEGATED collection will transform your space and excite your guests.

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